Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Fall here in Ellensburg....

Still here in Ellensburg. The job market is so bad right now. There are lots of IT jobs but there are so many unemployed people wanting that one job. It makes it hard for us to find a job. The kids are gearing up for another year here in Ellensburg. Which they couldn't be more happy about. And I don't blame them. It's hard to move and to have to make new friends. We might have another Christmas here too. I love Ellensburg, my only complaint is there's no big store's around other then Fred Meyer. There needs to be a Target or Wal Mart. And I would love a Costco too. We have to travel 50 minutes to Yakima to do any real big shopping. Although North Bend isn't that far either. They have a discount mall there.

I've been being treated at the UW headache clinic for some time now. My doctor has referred me to the Pain Clinic at the UW for further treatments. This is my last option. I've had one treatment and it wasn't successful. I go in this coming Wednesday for my second treatment. I'll post more then.

I'll keep you all posted on the job situation too. But in the mean time if anyone needs a website or just give their website a face lift. Let me know. Bryan does an amazing job at building websites. He does own his own company. Check them out at

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why so many trial's? I don't want them.

These past few months I have struggled with many things. Life has not been easy for me. As many of you know I have suffered with daily often debilitating headaches and migrains. I have seen all the doctors under the moon. I was refered to the UW Headache clinic about 6 months ago. I've been on so many meds I can not keep track or count on my finger's how many I've been on. So far nothing that they've prescribed me have worked. I was so hopeful and so excited that the clinic would find something for me. I wasn't expecting for them to get rid of them, just to ease the pain. The dr. told me that it was her goal to get rid of it completely. I was so emotional, cause I can honestly say I don't remember the last time that I did not have a headache. It would be a miracle, the greatest thing in this world. Months go by and I'm frustrated and my Dr. is frustrated. So this past appointment she told me that she is going to send me to the Pain Clinic at the UW. I started to cry with defeat. I was so hopeful that this would be it no more testing with drugs no more dr's. This is my last option, if this doesn't work it's hopeless. I will have to live with pain for the rest of my life. My quality of life isn't great. I have major depression because of my headaches.

I have strayed from Christ. I feel like no one listen's to me or helps me in my time of need. I have sufered for soooo long and have begged for help for some kind of relief. My faith has faultered and I have fallen. Things are really bad. I need help. When I'm feeling bad about myself and down in the dumps about my health. I try to lift my spirits up by listening to uplifting music. I started it today, and it just brings tears to my eyes. It's made me realize how much I need my Heavenly Father. I just can't live another day like this. My kids need a mother who's happy and who is emotionaly for them and pain free. And my husband too. So please I would appreciate all of your prayer's that there is something out there that can help me. I need it more than you know it.

I know I've been absent on my blog, I just don't have much to say. Life is tough, and especially with Bryan not being able to find a job. It's more stress in my life. I try to stay active on my facebook, so people know I'm here. I try to put on a happy face. But that can only go so far.

I have some great friends and I thank you for all of those who have supported me and have lifted me up with their words. And for letting me cry on your shoulder's. I appreciate it and I love you all so much.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are we staying or leaving?????

WEll, Bryan has already graduated from college and got his degree. He's finishing up his internship then he's done with college for good. He has started up his own Web Design company building websites. He has had work. His partner is a college grad. too and is moving to Puyallup next month. We live in a small college town. Bryan said we need to move to a much bigger town were there's more people interested in wanting a website, and networking. It's all about who you know and having connections.

We are having a problem finding a place to stay in Puyallup and the Puyallup area. It's not looking good. Bryan was even thinking about him just moving over there himself till he can afford moving the rest of us over. I don't want to be seperated from him, and the kids need their Dad. A three bedroom apartment is so outrageous. I looked into subsidized housing and have only found one that will let a big family like ours live in a 3 bedroom. But the waiting list is so outrageous, but I filled out the paper work and put us on the list. Don't even know if one will be available anytime soon. Things aren't looking good for us. We've been to college before and we were able to get back onto our feet after he left. But this time it's so extremely hard, our credit is shot and that doesn't help. For those of you who know of our past, that doesn't help our situation in trying to find a place to live. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's not easy.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Good bye............

Kirsten signing out for a couple of months...........................................................................................

I thought money grew on tree's?

We're cutting our internet service for a couple of months. So I won't be on much anymore. It probably won't be till September till we get it up. I will although be on once in awhile checking things out at a friends house. And we cut our home phone number too. Call my cell.

Money is so tight right now. Bryan hasn't found a job yet, and his internship is his wed design company that he started up with a buddy of his. He only gets paid when his company starts making money. So we need to cut back on things. I do have an iphone and I do get e-mails on that. So you can contact me that way.

Wish us luck, and you should be hearing from soon. Hope you all have a great summer.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bryan Graduates tomorrow and Ammon's Baptism

Bryan graduates June 13th at 1:30pm from college. He's getting his degree in Information Technology Management. He has to take an online class this summer as well as an internship which will last till August. We will stay here in Ellensburg till he gets a job, which will hopefully not take to long.

Ammon has his Baptism the same day. We have all kinds of family coming in for both occasions.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy birthday Kyle

Kyle was born today 2 years ago. My labor was only an hour and a half. Almost didn't make it to the hospital. He weighed in at 9 lbs 9 oz he was 22 inches long. His face was blue and purple for 24 hours. He came down so fast and he was up so high to begin with. It bruised his face. The nurses had to write a note and tape it on his crib that he's just bruised and he's breathing and not to worry about it.

Kyle will be our last child. So I am enjoying every second with him. He is a mama's boy, which I love. He is such a sweet boy and I love him so very much. We plan on having a little party with some friends. Kelsey and Emily have been at their grandma's house, since they have spring break. We drive down to Puyallup to see them. We will have another party for Kyle on Friday with the rest of the family.

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